NURBS separate operator failing
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Hit P on the provided file. I don't think that's doing the right thing?


To Do

This isnt a bug, since the operator is working `as intended`, however this is fairly not-useful behavior.
- The limiration is you can only separate whole curves atm.

Added as a TODO item.

So this is really to move a curve object's spline to a new curve object.

Sounds useful to me, but i wonder why there is no Split operator. It would move selected points to a new spline in SAME curve object (effect: selection disconnected from rest of original spline). This should also work with a single point selected:

* = points, [*] selected point

*------*---------*--------* Spline1

*-----[*]--------*--------* Spline1, Split()

*------* + *---------*--------* Spline1 and Spline2 (split point is actually at same co of course)

@Sebastian Nell

Agree improving separate and adding a split operator would be handy.
However the split tool should probably split as the mesh Ykey tool does, where it separates selected from unselected.