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python sys.stdout encoding errors (was "Unable to export with .obj")
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This is with the newest 2.64 release (r51026).

Win 7 x64, Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz, nVidia 9600GT, 8 GB RAM. This issue has persisted on multiple machines.

I am not able to reproduce this in another file starting from scratch, but with the file I'm currently working on I get an error when exporting any geometry (even freshly created cubes). It may be important to note that this file was created originally in 2.64 RC1.

You can see the error and export settings in the attached files. The actual .blend is also attached.

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Problem persists when I append all groups into a new scene.

After some more experimentation, no export scripts seem to be working. Attached a sample from FBX (error_02.jpg)

I am unable to upload another file to the tracker, but it's available here:

This is a duplicate of [#31555], but leaving open for now, think we could try fix for release.

This is a known issue with python. see [#31555] for details.

The problem is the path you are exporting to doesn't fit into pythons defailt encoding.

A workaround for this is to set this environment variable in windows (or start blender with a bat file that sets the env var)


Hey Campbell,

I tried the env variable workaround and it enabled the file export, but unfortunately it rendered the file unusable for import in any program I tried (Blender, Max, Maya, ZBrush). When importing into Blender, this is the error I received:

I was unable to attach the .obj output of this file, so I've hosted it.

since this is a duplicate of [#31555], closing.

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