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Cuda on OSX Mac Book Pro Retina GT 650M
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After Discussing already that the blender does not see the graphic card as computing device, I did more tests. I was able to run Adobe CS6 mercury engine, which is also cuda based, without problems. Also Cuda-Z Application does recognize the graphics card and delivers results out oh their performance tests.
I have installed the latest Cuda driver: 5.0.36
see also Blender 2.6 Bug Tracker item #32534

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OSX does not come with precompiled CUDA Kernels, you have to install the CUDA Toolkit 4.2 first.

What does that mean? To run Cycles with CUDA in OSX I have to install the Toolkit? I thought the toolkit is necessary for developers.

The Toolkit is needed to compile the Cycles CUDA Kernels. We pre-build and bundle them for Linux and Windows, but not for Mac OS. You can download it here:

o.k. its finding now the cuda graphics card. When I set the Device to GPU compute the following error message pops up:

Compiling CUDA kernel ...
gcc: No such file or directory
CUDA kernel compilation failed, see console for details.

both in Experimental and Supported feature set.
The screen stays with a dark checker board

You need the GCC compiler as well for your operating system.

works now., but its weird if you only want to use a software, that you have to install all of this tools ;-(

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Our Mac maintainer says its problematic to bundle the kernels.

Closing the report.

It was my decision to ...
1. not to give advantage to Nv/cuda vs. AMD/openCL users
2. not to deliver something i cannot test myself

Easiest solution: get cuda kernels from graficall builds and copy to the /scripts/cache
To be always on the newest cuda revision ( may vary with OSX used ): get Cuda-Toolkit + cmdline-tools from Apple and compile kernels yourself.