Crash with CUDA sm 2.0 render under linux in official build
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r51026 - the official release of 2.64 crashes when rendering with Gpu.

Command line output:
CUDA error: Invalid value in cuLaunchGrid(cuDisplace, xblocks, 1)

Gpu rendering with RC 2 works fine.


Core i7 920

6 GB ram

Nvidia driver (current)

Ubuntu 64-bit 12.04.1

GTX 580 3 GB

Just for avoiding bugs, this is practically the same bug mentioned here:

Blender dot org forum, but couldn't log in (?)



Brecht, could you please check this one? From first glance seems rev50995 is the candidate for a culptrit, not sure tho -- everything works fine on gtx560ti.

Also seems 580 is sm_20, not sm_30.

It's possible that it's 50995, but that code only runs when the "Sample as Lamp" option is enabled for the world, which is not enabled by default. Does this crash happen with any the default cube, or only with a specific .blend file? In case of the latter, please attach a file that crashes.

From the forum post it seems this is related to sample as lamp, which was fixed now.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) closed this task as Resolved.Oct 8 2012, 2:31 PM