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Collada - Support for Camera's sensor Extension (FCOLLADA, Modo401, blender)
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Add camera's sensor import for to the following Collada extension:

Modo401 -
blender - new proposed extension

I am working on an export patch as well.

The patch is straightforward and should integrate nicely with the current blender's Collada code. The only tricky part is how I added support for the <param> tag, which is a little on the hackish side but:
- work well
- doesn't disturb the current code
- can be reused by future Collada extension



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Attached a proof of concept on what it will looks like to export the camera sensor using FCOLLADA, Modo401 and Blender Extension. Modo401 is giving me some hard time:
a) The documentation @ is not really clear about the use of the <imager> tag instead of the <extra> tag. My previous patch will load the Modo401 extension regardless but I don't have a copy of Modo for testing it.
b) Collada API doesn't seem to provide a way to define and then write a <param> tag with all the needed parameters (name, type). There are a work around by using addExtraTechniqueTextblock but that seem hackish at best (not sure what need to happen for the end of line). More information about that here:

ping! If you need me to resubmit the patch or if you have any questions...

ping! any thought? not necessary on the patch itself but at least on the functionality? Should I rework it?

@Philippe Blanc (visualfox), I've started working through open COLLADA tasks. Could you update your patch to current master? I have a hard time getting a good grip of the code, since the source code lines don't seem to match anymore.

I'd appreciate it if you could do the update for your patch as a differential edit. Thanks!

@Nathan Letwory (jesterking) I will try to do that this weekend. I will have to reset a working environement for it. I may break down the patch in smaller bit.

Thank you for reviewing the patch, I appreciate it