Commands View >> Top (Bottom, Left e.t.c.) don't work
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As I understand View >> Top command shows the scene/object from the top but nothing happens. The same one is for Right, Left e.t.c.



This works OK for me (Debian wheezy 64bits, latest r51275). Please *always* add the exact version of Blender and your OS when reporting a bug.

Also, did you try to reload factory settings (from File menu), maybe you did some edits in the user preferences and broke something? Do the usual shortcuts (1/3/7 on the numpad) work?

You may also post here (attachments) a minimal file where you encounter the problem…

Hi, work here with 2.64a.
We need more info about your system, blender version, OS and so forth.

Opensuse 12.2/64 i5-3570K 8 GB GTX 550 2GB 304.43 Blender 2.64a

Cheers, mib.

My PC is under WinXP SP3
I have tested the following versions:
The first one is the latest installer from website's download menu (windows 32 bits).
The last one is currently the latest version from daily builds. And this version I have unpacked and tried to do the same and these commands don't work. So it is not because of my actions. Numpad 7 doesn't work too
This problem happens starting the default project

WinXP SP3 (32bit)/Core 2 Duo E7300/DDR3 2Gb/Palit Sonic GeForce 9600 512Mb 256Bit/

Did you try with factory settings (file menu)? Just resetting to default project is not enough, as it does not affect settings…

Also, could you enable the console window (from the Window menu, irc), try to switch views, and paste here any error message that may be printed in this console window?

On (some? older?) windows computers, the numerical pad needs to be set to work, there's some numlock button on your keyboard that does this.

Apart from that... this is for sure not a Blender bug. Try it on another system to verify, this is so basic, if this fails it's something in your system that refuses to send proper events. Maybe keyboard layout stuff...

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