Image appears too dark in Image Editor
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I have attached an blend with an tga image file.

But in Image Editor the image appears darker The blue looks almost like black.

I use windows 64 bit build rev. 51279 on Windows 7.

I tested the same files under Ubuntu but here is all ok.

If load the tga file in the default cube scene it is all ok as well. So I will explain what I did.

I worked on my scene and had a crash. After that I loaded a backup file from my local/temp folder and was happy my work was not lost. I updated the tga file with Gimp and pressed ALT+R inside Image Editor but the the changes I made in Gimp didn't appear. I found the image loaded in the Image Editor was not that one I updated (in my original project folder .../mapping) it was rather located in local/temp/mapping. As I loaded the image from the right folder it appeared darker.



Hi I noticed now that I have to change in the 'Scene/Color Management' tab the Display Device value from None to sRGB then it is ok again.
But I why it was set to None though? I did 'nt do that. :)

Probably, you had "Color Management" disabled in previous Blender versions.

Blender 2.64 includes a new Color management system, see here:

The default for new Files is sRGB.

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This is actually a bug, reopening.

Fixed in svn rev51340. Thanks for the review, closing.

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