Crop node resets values to 0
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I have a crop node in a group which should crop out the middle 512*512 pixels from a 1536*1536 image.
I use Left= 512, Right=1024, Up=512, Down=1024.

I have viewer node in my group which display the correct croped image in the backdrop, but when I close my group the variables of the crop node are reseted to 0 and in the blender consol I see the following error:
OpenColorIO Error: PackedImageDesc Error: Image dimensions must be positive for both x,y. '1x0' is not allowed.

I have tried with an easy setup but there it work.

Blender Version 2.64a Windows 64.



I can confirm this happens when the output of a group node is detached in r51430. I'll add a blend file that proofs the behaviour.

Here's the file. (Didn't know I have to add it to the same message.)

Patch looks ok, but let's ask Jeroen first.

I added a patch, which solves the problem for me.

I also found, when you don't have an output connected on the crop node in a group, it always resets it's values to 0 (I think I fixed it too).

Tested the patch, it works fine, thanks.

One thing: it will be nice if the left, right, up, down values can be controlled by a slot.

Patch committed in revision 51483.
Thanks for the fix Markus and thanks for the report Daniel!

the fix was related that the old compositor decides the images based on its inputs, but this is only validated in tiles when it is connected. The old implementation has been copied over, but not adjusted for the new behavior. The fix does this.

IMO the whole node needs to be re-designed :)

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