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Cloth Cache appears in wrong position
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Open environment/Envionment.blend

Cloth cache should work fine in viewport

Now render

Cloth is far away from camera


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Problem here is basically the same as in #32846:

When dupli-objects are generated in the dupli group, the object->obmat matrix is temporarily set to the total dupli instance matrix. Each time a dupli instance is generated it also calls the cloth modifier, which reads the cached state and applies it to the DM vertices. However, the cloth cache is stored in world space, so the cloth mod applies the inverted obmat transform to supposedly get vertices in object space. But since the obmat is actually the *instance* matrix, this ends up looking like the instance is completely untransformed ...

In order to work correctly the cloth mod would have to know the *actual* unchanged base object transform, but this is not available. A serious design flaw with dupli objects IMHO ...

I'll try to find a fix, assigning to myself.

Wouldn't the flaw be in the point cache then? World space isn't useful for instanced groups.

Ok, it's not a nice situation but apparently there is no easy fix to make this way of linking point cached data possible. Several people have suggested complicated workarounds, but i didn't understand a single one in detail. Closing the report.

Reopened and assigned to Campbell. Ton said you made some sort of workaround for this, maybe want to comment on this?

I think I figured out what it is. It's because the linked dupligroup was moved away from the scene origin before creating the proxy. This creates an offset between the group's origin and the scene origin that is ignored by the cloth cache

This will get added to the standard checklist for recode work on proxy, groups, depsgraph, point cache, name it.. ;)

Ton Roosendaal (ton) closed this task as Archived.Oct 25 2012, 12:24 PM