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Soften brush can't handle seams in texture paint
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If i have some model, define seams, unwarp it and assign a texture to it. If i now have drawn something and have different colors along the seam then i can't use the smooth brush to smooth the over seam. It creates wrong results which enhances the visibility of them seam instead of smoothing over it. All other brushes (including smudge) have not this problem, but just for this case it would be very useful to have a functional smooth brush.

I appended an example file. Just try to smooth the seam between the white and red area. You will see that it uses the black pixels of the texture which are outside of the uv map, bleeding in. The effect gets stronger if the brush size, relative to the area you paint on, is increased.



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Let's see if Antony has a solution :)

Yes, for this kind of brushes we still do not support projection-style strokes. I'll try to think of a way to do this right.

This was something I didn't get around to when adding project paint.

committed support for soften brush r51934.