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Create primitive fails after switching layout
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r52207, Win 7, 64 Bit

I create a primitive. This works fine. The primitive appears at 0/0/0 in the standard dimensions. I switch to another layout, create a new scene, create another primitive, and this time i don`t get a visible result. The Transform properties shows me some odd values instead. I cannot create primitives in a proper way anymore after this point, and have to restart Blender.

Attached the scene and a little flash movie that shows what i am doing.



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In your .blend file 3D cursor's location is (-nan, -nan, -nan) and that's the culptrit. Real solution would be to fix the case how this location was set to nan values, but for this we need to know exact steps of reproducing such situation.

As solution for this particular file you could manually set cursor location to (0, 0, 0).

Thanks Sergey,

That`s why i have made the video. There are no other steps involved. The moment where the values of the 3d cursor jumps to nan is the moment when i load another layout. The same layout that displays 0/0/0 for the 3d cursor position when i load Blender.

Unfortunately your workaround doesn`t work. The nan values are unchangeable. But i have found the troublemaker meanwhile. It`s a plugin called 3D cursor tools. It provides the functionality to hide the 3D cursor. Which is very handy because this fadecross is always in the way and is heavily disturbing me since years. I still don`t get it why this 3D cursor cannot be made invisible by an option in Blender.

Anyways. This report here can be closed i would say. It`s a plugin bug, not a Blender bug. Reminds me to better not use external plugins in Blender. When i remove the plugin then the problem is gone. A real pity though ...

Hi, I've mailed the addon author about this issue, as far as I can see this feature can't be implemented in python in a clean way and should be disabled in the addon.


I am not sure if this related so I post the recent NAN issue here too. Other post where I added it is here:

Somewhat with Blender on Mac OS I managed to create 6 NAN objects and when on a visible layer always render the scene black when only using a lamp as light.
World and mesh lights illuminate the scene.

Screen Recording:


JA12 pointed out the NaN bug.

To solve it all objects that share the data (6 objects) have to be selected and the via Alt G reset. Then rendering works fine.
I have no recollection how I created this 3 piece circular pattern too.