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Error initialisation audio stream
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when trying to render an animation with blender 2.62 till 2.64a with audio codecs aac, ac3 blender stops rendering with the error message "Error initialisation audio stream". The error is easy to reproduce:

1.) Open the attached blend-file AudioBug.blend
2.) Render animation
3.) Admire the Message: "Error initialisation audio stream"


1.) Start blender with the default cube scene
2.) In the render properties choose output file format to h.264
3.) In the encoding section choose mpeg-4 (or avi or h.264) and audio codec aac (or ac3)
3.) Render animation
4.) Admire the Message: "Error initialisation audio stream"

I tested this in blender 2.60a, 2.61, 2.62, 2.63 and 2.64a. Everything works fine in 2.60a and 2.61, but not in the other blender realeases.
I recognised that starting with blender 2.62 cuda support was added, it sounds not logical, but maybe there is a coherence.





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I've improved error reporting here, so now it says codec is experimental and not supports.

It is actually experimental and the only way to get it working nicely is to compile FFmpeg with libfaac support. This library is not gpl2+ compatible and we can not distribute it with official builds. We do have report about broken AAC and AC3 already

Afraid i'll simply need to disable this codecs..