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Sequencer Renders scene strip bug
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Hi There,

Another Sequencer Bug. This one has to do with the frame the scene strip node is actually rendering..

If you load up the example file, the playhead is at 163 of the strip... we are on fr164... but it actually is rendering 232... It is being offset from the 'start frame' in the rendering settings, if you change this start frame, it will change the frame it should be rendering.

Expected behaviour is that it would be a static link to the scene.



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It's not actually a bug, but more like a limitation of sequencer. Start of scene strip will match scene's start frame. It works as intended when you're not adding the scene as a strip to it's own sequencer. This is actually how sequencer is intended to work (it's supposed to be used to put together other scenes and images), marking as a todo now (link to wiki

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