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Fix for #33678 - Windows dead key accented chars
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Some Windows keyboard layouts have "dead keys" that you press to alter the key that follows. For example the "US (International)" keyboard layout allows you to press the double-quote key and then "e" to get an "e" with a umlaut, or the "^" then "e" to get an "e" with a circumflex. This type of layout comes in handy when you need to enter accented characters occasionally but you don't have a physical keyboard with those keys. The only downside is that you (usually) have to press that dead key twice to get the actual key (the double-quote or caret in these examples).

Our current text processing does not support the entry of accented characters when these types of keyboard layouts are selected. In fact in those cases the dead character is actually swallowed up, so you can't even enter a double-quote character. This is the problem reported in bug report #33678.

This patch fixes both issues. You can use dead keys to enter accented characters and you can get press the dead key twice to get that character.

It works ALMOST exactly the same as other programs with the exception that you always have to press the dead key twice to get that key alone. In "notepad" for example, you can type "test" and it will come out in quotes, but typing "elephant" will require you to press the double-quote character twice in a row. For this patch you will always have to press the key twice.

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Pressing the key twice if one wants any kind of quotes around a piece of text is what I consider 'normal' behaviour. Pressing twice and then go back one space with the left cursor key before typing on is just as fast and easy as remembering to press the spacebar after a quote to circumvent the 'elephant coming from Sweden' problem. ;-)

If you don't compile on your own, I've made a build for you, this morning's trunk with this patch. Bare bones and just 32-bit but it should be fine for testing this input issue.

"DeadKeys2.diff" has updated comments, but no functional changes from the
earlier patch. I just wanted to add better comments to help ensure the changes
aren't edited out at some later point since it isn't very obvious and it addresses
a narrow set of circumstances.

Hi Harley,

I had a quick look before the start of the new years eve festivities and yes, this fix works.

Since pressing the quote key once followed by the spacebar also gives a single quote in either editor, I think double pressing the quote key should in an ideal world also deliver two quotes in the editors. You've then allmost got the normal behaviour.
Nevertheless, the way it works now is obviously allready a great improvement.

This patch was committed 6 months ago, so closing this tracker entry.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Sep 19 2013, 5:55 PM