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Node Materials Won't Display Multiple UVs
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Category: Rendering

--- Operating System, Graphics card ---

Windows 64-bit, AMD Radeon HD 7700

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---

r53402 has the error. It would appear that no version correctly displayed multi-UV node materials, though Blender 2.65a displays both textures with one of them using the wrong UV layout.

--- Short description of error ---

When using node materials, it appears to force the materials or textured inside of the node setup to use the active UV coordinates rather than the ones specified per material or in the node setup. As of a recent build (as can be seen above) it also seems to be influencing the textures' visibility, as one of the textures doesn't even appear with the node setup.

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---

Take note of the way the node setup shows the texture in the 3D view and then press P to see it change. One texture (the brick texture) takes on the second (active) UV map, despite specifically using UV1 in the node setup, and the other texture disappears completely as of r53402.



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Since this is now the most recent report on this issue, I am closing these other reports as duplicates:

Duplicate report:
Keeping this one to separate the above report into two reports.

Good lord, this issue has been up for 2+ years? It seems pretty critical. Who can be bribed to address this? I swear I'll bake them a cake.

It looks like this commit by Brecht doesn't fully fix the node material UV bug (either by way of two materials with different UVmaps or a single material with textures and UV's specified in the node editor).

I haven't been able to get any bugs with textures disappearing though, and this with the buildbot build from July 23.

So far, the workaround is to build the entire material in the node editor and use the mapping node to rotate and scale it, though it is tricky to get normal maps to work as bumps if you're not well versed in the workflow (though it is possible).

I just found a workaround (at least with Blender 2.76).

Just add a modifier to the object.
Almost all modifiers work but try with Subsurf (even with the number of subdivisions to 0).

I hope this will help to fix the bug.

Edit : To complete this comment. When Player is launched without above workaround, the UVMap used for everything related to UV in material node seem to be the selected (blue highlited) one in the Object Data panel.

Bug is still present in blender 2.79 :-\

The workaround (adding a modifier) did not work for me in blender 2.79.
This makes it impossible to use light maps along with tiles texture in BGE because UV map for light maps are not convinient for tiles as far as I know.
Hope this will be fixed some day

I tried with sample files submitted in T43086 and T42111 in blender 2.79.
Adding a modifier (eg: subsurf, array, decimate, triangulate, mirror) worked for me.
I set parameters so there is no effective modification of the mesh. Even if modifier appear red. It's OK.
Works both in internal player and standalone player.

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