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colored wireframe
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not much to say about this one.
it adds a checkbox under the object display to switch on colored wireframe per object and uses the object color right beside it for what color its supposed to be

and yes i know there has been 2 other patches that does this but none of them seem to work so wrote my own much simpler one

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any particular reason this is a per-object setting, rather than a viewport setting?

The wireframe color feature I want is:

- viewport toggle to "draw wireframes/faces in ObColor"
- automatically "flip" white ObColor to black (because white is the default ObColor)
- when using ObColors, clamp to 1/2 intensity, so they never seem "bright" and confuse selection/active colors


2 reasons probably firstly it gave more flexibility to the user.
secondly seemed easiest to implement without making it to messy.

as for making the default object color black the value is also used for the material setting to use
that color setting for the diffuse+specular of the material.
alsp clamping the color might seem like a good idea at first but with custom themes you might have
someone with a custom theme where the selection/active colors are dark instead and white wireframes.

i personally only use this if i need to do some retopology work where its beneficial to have
a different color for the highpoly object so its easier to see the new topologys wires.

+1 agreed, per-object wireframe color seems useful. one *very* nice use for per-object wireframe color which seems ideal... custom coloring "non-rendered" object(s) which are used as modifier arguments, deform cages, etc. so they can remain visible but also be clearly distinguished.

I agree on your point about clamping. It seems hard to find a solution which automatically keeps ObColor in good ranges given any possible theme choices.


Here are some thoughts about viewport-wide wireframe color (which can be a separate but related patch)

A viewport-wide wireframe-color toggle seems a commonly requested feature for managing large scenes, and one which available in other products. It seems worthwhile to have both viewport-wide and per-object wireframe (and solid) color..

Blending these ideas, another patch could consider viewport settings:
- colored wireframes (never, always, per-object)
- colored solids (never, always, per-object)
- colored objects receive (ObColor, auto-color)

The first two toggles would allow the user to turn on/off custom colors for wire/solid display, while the last would allow them to choose between using ObColor, and using theme-configured (or calculated) auto-colors.

Hey Fred, could you give a quick walk through of how to install the patch? Thanks.

Any chance you could make the colored wireframe into an addon?

updated the patch for revision 60157.
Rob: should be easier to add the patch yourself now. with "svn patch coloredwireframe60157.patch" and building as to the guide on the wiki
as for making this an addon instead not sure if that is even possible since it do need changes to the drawing code.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and explain.

I played a bit with this patch and i found it useful for debugging meshes. Here are 2 screenshots:

Which lets you better see which parts of the wireframe belong to which mesh.

However it is a bit tedious to define a color:

  1. When i define the color for an object, the object is selected and i can see the color only when the object is deselected. That is a bit annoying but i have no better idea how to improve that.
  2. every time when i want a wireframe to be colored for debugging i have to define the color. hence i rarely can get 2 meshes to display the same color (if i wanted that to visualise differnet groups of objects for example). Therefore would like to add something similar to what we have for coloring bone groups. Then users could create color categories and then assign a category to an object (or a group) as needed.

I do like the idea of custom wireframe colors a lot. This patch only overrides the color of not active or selected object, so you still get the info about selection, active grouped, etc. In complex scenes this helps to distinguish between objects and definitely helps to keep the orientation while modeling.
Using the object color setting also makes a lot of sense to me.

I applied this on Blender 2.72 and got a LITE version to work. It was very useful.

Patch does NOT apply to 2.73.

This feature has been added to the gooseberry branch and will be implemented using theme colors before going into master.

rejecting this patch since we're planning to do this a bit more comprehensively.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Invalid.Mar 5 2015, 10:13 AM

Any timeline on the implementation in Gooseberry?

Since the last update to this was over two months ago, I would very much like to hear if any update on this is available - colored wireframes would be very useful indeed :)

i work on an architectural scene with a lot of rectangular meshes right now.
To not be able to distinguish all the meshes in wireframe-mode makes doing this project with blender to a real struggle.
I need to work in wireframe because i need to align meshes between meshes, also booleans i cut doors with and such.

After working 4-5 hours like that, clicking endlessly to find the right mesh, switching constantly between wire and solid mode to check, moving the camera +50% of the worktime to see if the right inner wall is selected i have severe headaches.

I never wanna complain because blender is free so please don't get me the wrong way, but i am so exhausted after 4-5 hours doing this project without wireframe colors that i have to switch this project over to max if there is no way. I just don't see a way to be able to finish this project in time without this feature.
Is there a chance this feature is coming in a foreseeable future? Please say yes guys because i would love to do such projects in Blender with Cycles. It is my first photoreal attempt in Blender. As someone who learned on V-Ray, i would love to see how far i can push Cycles in terms of realism. Also if Blender would get this feature i could move over all my architectural projects because this missing feature it is the only thing left that lets me stay in max with that type of projects.

If i would be able to, i had done it myself, but sadly when it comes to programing i totally hit a wall. I can install plug-ins if i have a 1-2-3 tutorial but sadly code still looks wondrously to me.


i need this feature colored wireframe in blender internal..
how i can do it..?

Joe Kuzlovsky (kuzlovsky) changed the task status from Invalid to Unknown Status.May 26 2018, 2:07 PM


I wonder if Barton misunderstood what this patch is about. Themes are already in blender, but themed colors allow you to set only the single global wireframe color.

This patch allows you to have a wireframe color per object, i.e. you can have N colors in your 3D view.


Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Invalid.May 26 2018, 3:16 PM

There was no misunderstanding, at some point there was a plan to add multiple theme colors for wireframes and not just have a single one, and then let you select which one to use per object.

Regardless, please leave it to developers to decide which reports to close or reopen.


OK I agree this to be closed if the feature was understood.

I have found a lot of requests for this and implementations as well. I would like to link here another patch Color Wireframe (option) from blender developer Campbell Barton in case anybody wants to build blender with this feature.


For anyone interested in patching blender 2.79-r1 here is the updated patch:


Also attaching a screenshot

to show how it works (just need to tick the Colored Wire checkbox).

The fails with the 2.79-r1 code.