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animate some material and texture properties in GLSL mode.
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This patch allow the possibility to see some animate property in GLSL mode(Blender internal).

I explain why it can be usefull (for me).
I make an addon for VFX, and I need to animate alpha channel of texture, see the video.



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Good for getting animation feedback on materials, also is a new way to drive node parameters and get viewport animation.

I update this patch to trunk, and add alpha animate feather to it.

Interesting but:

  1. This doesn't set a uniform type for the new dynamic uniforms.
  2. I'm looking at the system and it looks like dynamic uniforms are duplicated in every function they are used! This can easily lead to exhaustion of available uniforms. I will look into this more but I would consider this to be fixed before adding more uniforms to the shader. It would also be nice to make language closer to GL here like GPU_uniform -> GPU_constant and GPU_dynamic_uniform -> GPU_uniform, but of course this does not need to be part of this patch
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