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Collada importer doesn't import armature
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We're trying to get mocap data from Vicon Blade into Blender. Vicon Blade records the mocap markers, and can generate a skeletal motion from them. This motion, along with the original markers and mocap cameras, are then saved to the FBX format.

Using the Autodesk FBX SDK I created a small program that reads the FBX and writes it into a COLLADA file. When importing this COLLADA file into Blender, the skeleton/armature is not loaded. Blender does import the mocap markers and the cameras. I have attached the 7-zipped COLLADA file that I want to import.

When importing the COLLADA file into Maya it shows everything just fine, so the data I'm after is certainly stored in the COLLADA file.

Blender version: 2.65 64-bit on Win7

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The Blender importer currently expects that a skeleton is always enclosed in a root node which is NOT of type JOINT. But in your file the skeleton's root node is already a JOINT and that's why the importer does not recognize the skeleton.


Open the collada file with your text editor and locate the line which contains:

<node name="root" id="root" sid="root" type="JOINT">

Then enclose this line by adding an artificial extra node, so at the end it looks like this:

<node name="skeleton" id="skeleton" sid="skeleton" type="NODE">
<node name="root" id="root" sid="root" type="JOINT">

The import works now. However it takes an extremely long time (several minutes) to import. And it creates a huge amount of warning messages. I looked at that as well but could not yet find the reason for the long runtime.

Thanks for the workaround, I'll give that a try.

Please consider this ticket as a feature request to recognise skeletons without the NODE surrounding it. I think that you / Blender have this fixed much faster than Autodesk change their FBX SDK ;-)

Fixed in revision r54677

Your reported issue has been fixed in SVN. Thanks for taking the
time to report!.

Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Feb 20 2013, 1:14 AM


Do you know whether this fix will be included in 2.66?