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VSE: Thumbnail is useless (always default cube)
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---

Ubuntu 12.10
GeForce GTX 670

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---


--- Short description of error ---

Blender always generates a thumbnail from 3D view even though using only VSE, so the .blend file has a meaningless (and confusing) thumbnail.

The thumbnail should be a current frame image of VSE preview.

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If you use another scene's strip then defaults will only display the 3D content of that scene. To view Composite nodes for example, of another scene then goto VSE preview window (in master or VSE scene), turn on properties (n key) then deselect Open GL Preview.

Doubt that this is a bug but there isnt much information to go on here. Need more description of use case.

Sorry for the lack of information.

I assumed I put movies and image sequences in VSE, not using 3D scenes. In such case, unused 3D scene (normally default cube) is used for the thumbnail instead of the movie or the image. That's obviously unwanted behavior.

This isnt a bug, the feature is working as intended - but agree its sometimes not so useful,
perhaps a screenshot of the active window could be used when no 3d views exist - or if the scene is empty.

Added to our TODO, closing.

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