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Topology crash
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---

Win 7 64bit / Nvidia gtx 460 se

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---

Blender 2.66 Released

--- Short description of error ---

Blender Crash or quit when i Sclupt with Topology

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---

Add mesh> cube, then go in Sclupt Mode> Enable Dynamic with Collapse Short Edges, and viewport wireframe for beter view
Then with the Snake Hook brush try to model a simple star, and then try to create a random vortex in the star (in this time blender crash-quit)

Mention i observe blender crash when is too meny polygons in one area,
Very short prezentation of bug Youtube(best way to understand this bug):

I send this bug Not because i excess or abuse the way of using this tool, But because in some times
when i modeling with this tool in simple cases like airplane or human head fine details blender crash
when is too many polygons in one location.


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i can confirm - on my system, blender crash as well, but it took way way longer to crash than in the video... and blender slows down extremly - normally i would not continue memory usage was ~3GB before crash (show by taskmanager).

env: Windows 7 sp1 64bit, 16GByte RAM, i3770 internal GPU, blender 2.66 release

content of crash file:

# Blender 2.66 (sub 0), Revision: 54697
bpy.ops.sculpt.sculptmode_toggle() # Operator
bpy.ops.sculpt.dynamic_topology_toggle() # Operator
bpy.context.scene.tool_settings.sculpt.use_edge_collapse = True # Property
bpy.ops.wm.radial_control(data_path_primary="tool_settings.sculpt.detail_size", data_path_secondary="", use_secondary="", rotation_path="tool_settings.sculpt.brush.texture_slot.angle", color_path="tool_settings.sculpt.brush.cursor_color_add", fill_color_path="", zoom_path="", image_id="tool_settings.sculpt.brush") # Operator
bpy.ops.wm.radial_control(data_path_primary="tool_settings.sculpt.brush.strength", data_path_secondary="tool_settings.unified_paint_settings.strength", use_secondary="tool_settings.unified_paint_settings.use_unified_strength", rotation_path="tool_settings.sculpt.brush.texture_slot.angle", color_path="tool_settings.sculpt.brush.cursor_color_add", fill_color_path="", zoom_path="", image_id="tool_settings.sculpt.brush") # Operator["Default"].(null) = 'WIREFRAME' # Property

I can confirm this too. With Build 54785 from trunk and official 2.66 build.
Strangely running blender in VS2008 Debugger (build 54785/release with debuginfo) does not react to the sudden terminaton.

OSX official 2.66 build.
macpro dualXeon 8 cores 16 threads
ATI HD 5870
OS 10.6.8. 10.8.2
Multiple crashes under dyntopo. I can't replicate what causes it.
Working on older sculpts. ~300k not more.
recent builds r 54 659 from graphical works just fine.
Not sure if it is the way you build OSX releases or a new serious bug.
The reports I read above have something common. Not evenly distributed meshes. Of course this is the way of a dynamically tessellated mesh but sometime may be the reason for crashes. Such things happened when I was beta testing the official latest sculptris for pixologic too.
But, till last august, testing dyntopo I never had crashes, avoiding such situations as possible.
Now, I have a lot of crashes, in a few hours. Something went obviously wrong. If I have something to reproduce I will post it.
BTW, autosave didn't work. I doubt if it ever worked under cycles but that's OK.
thank you

Sonnenwende Data:
Env: Win8 64, 16GB Ram, Intel i7, GeForce 570 GPU, Blender 2.66 rev 54795 (from trunk)
Build: vs 2008, 64Bit, libs from svn, with Cycles, Cuda, OSL, OpenMP.
Build Type: Release with Debuginfo executed within VS2008 debug

Steps to reproduce: sculpt anything with dyntopo activate "colapse short edges". I tried to scult stalagmites from a plane. Blender crashes with exit Code 11 (unhandled exception in blender.exe) Polycount was under 10000 verts.
It seems that blender tries to collapse one and the same edge twice and crashes because the colapsed edge isn't there anymore.

Same here with Win 64 2.66.0 r54697
Trying to pull toes with Snake Hook. But is it related to issues with paperthin ends after Polish Brush on finger tips? On the later its still a closed mesh but it looks smashed so that verts are on the wrong side former outer faces partly facing inside of mesh.

All actions under dyn topo and collapse short edges ticked.

Other way to cause the bug:

i attached another video to show how to crash

Fixed in r54827. Looks like a lot of people were able to reproduce the crash, please all test and verify this fix works for you.

Nicholas Bishop (nicholasbishop) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Feb 25 2013, 1:04 AM

Using Win64 2.66.0 r54834 pulled right after it was build no more crash for that case. But wondering what now makes blobs or shunks of separated faces while operating dragon hook brush and they are connected to the other half, well symmetry is ticked and acts consistend to x axis if choosen with that connecting behavior.
Well one can now work without losing work.

i tested "" and it looks good to me - no crashes anymore.
thank you very much.

I just built r54837 from SVN, no more crash for this issue ;-)
Thanks a lot!

Excelent work Nicholas Bishop!