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Edge slide results in segmentation fault on certain mesh
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---
Fedora 18 64bit, with Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS. I've attached my system-info.txt.

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---
Trunk r54804, self-built.

--- Short description of error ---
Blender crashes with a segmentation fault when edge sliding particular edges. May be a bit difficult to troubleshoot this because the topology is a bit strange.

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---
Open attached .blend, edges are already selected so just edge slide with either GG or Crtl+E >> Edge slide.

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Confirmed. My backtrace:

Reason: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at address: 0x0000000000000030
0x0000000100907e9b in bmiter__face_of_vert_begin (iter=0x7fff5fbfa500) at bmesh_iterators.c:302
302 if (iter->vdata->e)
(gdb) where
#0 0x0000000100907e9b in bmiter__face_of_vert_begin (iter=0x7fff5fbfa500) at bmesh_iterators.c:302
#1 0x00000001001ff213 in BM_iter_init [inlined] () at /Users/ton/bf-blender/blender/source/blender/bmesh/intern/bmesh_iterators_inline.h:146
#2 BM_iter_new [inlined] () at /Users/ton/bf-blender/blender/source/blender/bmesh/intern/bmesh_iterators_inline.h:162
#3 0x00000001001ff213 in createEdgeSlideVerts (t=0x10a126838) at bmesh_iterators_inline.h:5420

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