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Keyframes not allowed anymore in textures offset(when in image sequence option ).
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--- Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and Linux LMDE , Gforce and intel cards---

--- Blender 2.66 32 bits and 64 bits ---

--- Keyframes not allowed anymore in textures offset(when in image sequence option ).---

--- Import "image as planes", then go to textures > change "single image" to "image sequence" > --- then we get three fields ( frames, start and offset ). Using blender 2.64 I can animate these fields, but now, with Blender 2.66 I can not.

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Had same issue in 2.66 OS X 64bit on 10.75

I was using image sequence offset in object-materials-texture panel, and likewise unable to keyframe. Had to go back to 2.64 for this to work.

We purposedly disabled this, after getting bugreports it doesn't work.
Animating values that control animation is not something we intend to support. You can also not animate the scene start/end frame, etc.

I'm curious to find out what the use case is here... if you have a sequence of images, you can control with these buttons a mapping from image to rendered frame. There's a 1 to 1 (linear) relationship between rendered frame and texture image.

Ton Roosendaal (ton) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Archived.Mar 3 2013, 3:13 PM

Thanks Ton.

For me, I am using it to load an image sequence texture, displaying a single frame, then keyframing the offset parameter, for simple replacement/stop motion animation (a al Pocoyo). I know there are other ways to achieve this, but this was a simple and easily understandable way for me.

Cheers, S.

Would also like to have this feature back. It is an easy way to time an video or animation while animating.

As Stephen Mentioned, I am using this features for image replacement, and then animate 2d characters eyes, expressions, mouths, and other things...

If peole says that it doesn't work, maybe it is because they do not know how to use it.

If this feature comes back I can write a long text, tutorial, video, whatever.. to explain how to use it. I promise!

You can take a look at some animations that I made here:

Here, with tutorials:

This is a great feature. Now using back blender 2.64, cause a lot of characters were made with this usage.

Thanks Ton, Tobias, Stephen...

The bug report was about all the values there (start, nr of frames, image type) and about adding drivers for it.

Drivers would still fail if add it back, but fcurves for offset seem to sortof work. But you have to know what you do.
The fact it works is more by accident than a planned feature... so that is the dilemma here.

I can restore the feature to allow animating offset, but if we get future bugreports about it I'll send them over to you guys here!
(Fix goes to svn now)

We also could do this so much better... a real "time map" curve for MovieClips for example.

Ton, thanks.
We know what we are doing. It´s very important for animation. I think we can write a documentation about how to use it the way it is.

thanks again.

Thanks Ton - It's one of the great things in Blender - having the power to find solutions to things that haven't even been considered as 'features'.