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Blender does not respect custom modifier keys.
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---

Windows 8, Intel HD 4000 Integrated Graphics

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---

Tested with: 2.66a, 2.63a, 2.57b
Works in: none

--- Short description of error ---

Example: I want to use Spacebar + LMB to rotate the 3D view

For this to work, the user needs to disable every other function that already uses the spacebar >> DONE >> But it still does not work.

The user also has to disable every function that is assigned to the LMB for it to work. >> This is not necessary when using a traditional modifier like Ctrl, Alt, Shift. (Unless it's already assigned of course.)

I attached my custom key configuration.

When you try it, you will be able to rotate the 3D view with Spacebar + LMB, but as soon as you enter Vertex Paint or Texture Paint Mode it will not work anymore unless the paint function itself is removed from the LMB. It works with a traditional modifier key.

Sculpt Mode has a way to work around this by ignoring background click.
Still not a good way of solving the issue though...

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---

Default Cube Scene / Object Mode:

Step 1: Disable the Search Menu or assign to another key than Spacebar
Step 2: Assign Spacebar + LMB to rotate the 3D view

Try it out: It will not work, because of the 3D Cursor, which is assigned to LMB by default

2 Options to fix this:

Option 1: Disable 3D Cursor from LMB
Option 2: Use Ctrl, Alt, Shift instead of Spacebar

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wow... SPACE+LMB is such an exotic! (I hope you're not kidding)
excuse me... is it some combination from an other 3d package you use (used)? XSI maybe?
sorry for off-topic.
Especially for you, Ronny:
Blender's cursor is a really great feature that isn't exist in every popular commercial 3d app. So LMB or RMB
must be reserved for this important function.
I'm just very surprised because Blender's "hot key module" is VERY handy and you can set up many specific cases tuned up to your taste
(including pop-up menus by hot keys, "switching modes or setting up a concrete mode" choices and etc.) Just read docs
RMB (on an icon) - Online Python Reference. And check how it's working in Preferences. If it's not understandable - go to the BlenderArtists forum and you'll find it.

When I've started using 3ds Max (on my job) then I've set up as much as possible to be "like Blender" and unfortunately (in 2012 version)
there are a lot of limitations that prevents to make it "blendish". But Blender has much more possibilities and can get you almost any program's
"feeling" if you'll try to set up this. After completing pie-menus addon it will be even closer to that.

Space + LMB for rotating is actually used in Houdini. That's where I know it from.
It's really comfortable if you're using a pen and tablet. At least for me. :)

And it's not about disabling the 3D Cursor. I actually use that function with Alt + LMB.
It just would be great to be able to paint in Vertex or Texture Paint Mode while still be able to navigate using the Spacebar.

Rotating and painting simultaneously is very specific. In Blender it's Alt+LMB (I set "LMB" to the pen's tip) - to rotate usually. Release Alt and you paint. Very handy for me.
Houdini is great and I hope that Blender will step more to this way. Parametric modelling is awesome!

Well I'm guilty of coding the "any key modifier", so it should at least work then :)
Will check.

Then you are guilty of coding one of the most awesome things since sliced bread. :)

Thank you for looking into it.

Fix goes to svn now. It's sensitive code, hope I didn't break other things :)

It is revision 56142 of code. You can build self or get a daily build tomorrow from

Sorry, the fix I did caused problems with pressing keys fast, while overlapping them.
Happens for 2-handed typing easily. A 2nd shortcut could usually be pressed when the 1st wasn't released yet - my fix would treat that as a any-key-modifier and reject the event.

That's too bad, but it can't be helped.
I hope you can figure out another way to make it work, because I really enjoy this feature. :)

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Jun 3 2014, 9:56 AM

We already had a TODO item related on custom modifier for LMB, added tihs report there

We need some brawe man to go revisiting the even system, but for until then considering this report a TODO. Thans for the report anyway!