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Yet another hair/fur particle render artifact (not dandruf)
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Group: current SVN version
Resolution: Investigate
Category: Rendering (intern)

These artifacts are visible in the following CVS compiles of Blender:

BF-Windows (2005-11-28) CVS + Lots of patches : ZanQdo

bf-blender / windows :: Cygwin (2005-11-27) : rcas

The artifacts are NOT visible in the following CVS compiles of Blender:

bf-blender / windows :: Cygwin (2005-11-24) : rcas

bf-Blender / Windows (2005/11/17) : lguillaume ("dandruf" build)

**anything before that**

Problem in detail:

When rendering fur with raytrace shadows, little black wedge shapes show up in a pattern on the hair strands. This effect is not visible on earlier builds. In the picture below the strands have been widened to better illustrate the issue. When using normal strand width the effect is still visible, but instead looks more like an Anti-Alias issue (which it is probably not).


With the artifacts

Without the artifacts (earlier builds)

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