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Bone select in weight paint not posible in left select mouse modus.
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---

Windows 7 Pro
Dell Precision T1600
16Gb ram
64 bit

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---

Error: Blender v2.66.1
Worked: ?

--- Short description of error ---

If you change the selection mode for the mouse buttons from right to left then it's not possible to select the bones in weight paint mode.

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---

1) Create a mesh with bones en parent with automatic weights.
2) Go in pose mode and select a bone
3) select the mesh
4) switch to weight paint mode
5) --> Select a bone to see the weight paint for that bone.
( This works in Right select mode but not in Left select mode)

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That's indeed a design flaw - and an explanation why right mouse select has a good use... we also allow right mouse face selecting for other paint modes to mask out.

Maya for example has similar conflicts, where selecting painting or using manipulator handles are all in the way. They solved it by making the ui work Modal - you set 'selection mode' or 'translation mode' and so on. By design principle, we strive for keeping Blender tools non-modal - meaning input should be interpreted as consistent as possible, and not change by setting modes all the time. Assigning key functions like "tools and buttons" to left, "view" to middle or trackpad, and "select" to rightmouse was a logical decision based on that.

Anyway - we also want to support left-mouse selection, so this case should be solvable somehow. Instead of doing that for each individual case, I'd rather see a design proposal for how to do this in general for Blender, for all potential mouse input conflicts. So users know what to expect :)

I need to think this over, and will review it with others what the best idea is. We will use this tracker item also to discuss ideas further, will link this to wiki and mark this item as todo.

Ton Roosendaal (ton) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Apr 20 2013, 1:28 PM

BTW: here's the link to this report in our wiki