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Correct UV annoying interface inconsistencies
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--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---
Blender 2.66a and buildbot

--- Short description of error ---
Correct UV greyed out for many tools and other oddities related to it that really can't be the way it is intended to work as described bellow :

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---
When you have anything unwrapped from a simple plane to anything complex, if you press CTRL+R to add a loop cut after, it destroys your UV, so logically you need Correct UV enabled, so you press F6 only to see that for some reason "Correct UV" is greyed out.

The only way i found to enable "Correct UV" for the Loop Cut (CTRL+R) function is this :
- Select an Edge
- Press CTRL+E -> Edge Slide
- Press Enter or click to apply it immediately without having moved your edge
- Press F6 and there enable "Correct UV"

Now you can go back at adding your CTRL+R loop cut and you will see that the UV is now corrected as it should.

That inconsistency and odd method is not the only one :
We saw that "Correct UV" is only editable through a CTRL+E -> Edge Slide.
But now, load default factory so the Correct UV is disabled by default again.
- Select an Edge
- Press G 2 times to enable the edge slide ( without having to go through CTRL+E -> Edge Slide.)
- Press Enter or click to validate your edge slide
- Press F6

The "Correct UV" setting is not there (while it is there if you went through CTRL+E -> Edge Slide)

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added support for redoing macros.
fixed r56323.

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