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Compound Object pulsing in Blender 2.57
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Category: Physics

I have noticed that when you add a new compound objects in Blender 2.57 the object are pulsing very strong. If you increase the physic substeps to 5 the object begins to jump over the surface.

I found out that this bug was introduced in r56321 by changing the default collision margin from 0.0 to 0.04.

The last value (0.0 or 0.04) seems to be stored in the blend file, because if you open an old file it is working in the actual Blender version. If you open a file that was made with an actual Blender version it pulsing in any older Blender version to.



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Eh, not sure what we should do here.
Just set the margin of the plane to 0 to fix the problem.

One thing we could do it set the default margin of static object to 0.
However, that would mean that all objects would get 0 margins, since you always start with static type.

Sergej, if we force static objects to a margin of 0 at conversion time (Blender -> BGE conversion, not do_versions) do you think this would cause problems?

I'd rather not do that.
Since this is only a problem with compounds, not all static objects, having 0.04 as default seems still sensible.
Bblender first makes all objects static and you can switch to dynamic afterwards.
There is no way of setting different default margins for dynamics and staric objects, otherwise we could make static objects have 0 margins by default.


this issue seems to be fixed in current blender. Are you all agree to close it?

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) closed this task as Resolved.Jun 7 2015, 2:22 AM
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If it's fixed then it is fixed if the there is an issue we can always reopen