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Changing hotkey for Mark Seam and Clear Seam fails
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---

Win 7, Nvidia 460 GTS

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---

2.67b - r57151

--- Short description of error ---

Changing hotkey for Mark Seam and Clear Seam fails

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---

There is no Blend file that could explain the error. Just screenshots.

Open Blender. Create a cube. Go to UV Editing. Enter Edit Mode. Right click at Mark Seam. Choose Change shortcut. Enter a new shortcut. Do the same for Clear seam.

Then select a edge and try the shortcut. It will not work. You will get a error message. See shot. In the User Preferences search for Seam in the Input tab. And you will notice that you will have three entries instead of two. The mark seam entry is double.

This is my favourite bug since several months. I try it from time to time if it is fixed. I´ve reported it before. But nothing happened. It would really be great when this bug could get some love. I`m a big fan of button UI, and use them where ever possibel. But Mark and Clear seams is a very cumbersome task when you cannot use hotkeys here, but need to click at the buttons instead. One of the situations where hotkeys would be very handy.

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I have to correct that one, and to take it partially back. I was trapped by other needed changings at the hotkeys.

I have created three custom hotkeys to switch between the edit modes, between edge, vertice and face mode. And those are the one who fails. I had forgotten that my hotkey 3 is for face mode. And have set Mark seam to 3 too. I´ve changed that one to 5, and Mark and Clear seam by hotkey works like charm now. Hopefully i don`tr override another hotkey again. Anyways. The initial bug report is wrong. Partial User error.

Whar remains is the third Mark Seam entry in the hotkey area. And the fact that my selfmade hotkeys doesn`t work anymore in the newest build. Is there a special reason why they fail now? Is this a bug or intended?

As a sidenote, it would be great when the Mark Seam tools would get some standard hotkeys.

Forgot to add a new screenshot :)

I still would prefer to get a .blend file (userpref.blend) with your stored keymap settings. The error you show could be caused by a script...

You could test it by starting Blender, set it in factory setting and set your keys again... here I can set 'mark seam' to hotkeys fine.

I also don't follow the "third mark seam entry" remark... if you configure blender with the keymap editor, then give us the .blend file, is much easier. Just move away your own userpref.blend and create a new one with only the error in it.

Lastly I want to know the bug number of your previous report about this error, then I can see what the reactions were...

Hm, interesting results.

I´ve deleted the whole 2.67 folder. And have used the standard preferences then. And here the keys 1,2 and 3 switches between layers when i am in edit mode. So this could be one conflict point with my custom hotkeys to switch between the edit modes. I have copied the previous settings.

I have then put back my backup, and deleted the userpref.blend there. And have setup the hotkeys for mark and clear seam again. And this time i only have two entries in the hotkey preferences as it should. The hotkeys for switching between the edit modes are gone. But i nevertheless get the error message when pressing 1, 2 or 3.

I´ve zipped the whole 2.67 folder now. The 2.67unchanged.rar contains the 2.67 settings where i get three Mark Seams entries in the hotkey settings. The 2.67_userprefnew.rar is the settings where i have deleted the userpref.blend file, and added the Mark Seams hotkeys again. The simplecube scene is written with that.

I have also digged for the bug number with the Mark Seam and missing hotkey bug report. But couldn`t find it anymore, sorry. But as told, that part seems to work now.

Checked on this and its not a bug.
Keys 1 & 2 are already assined shortcuts to:

wm.context_set_value, which set the non existing path of `settings.mesh_selection_mode`,
settings should be tool_settings.

After removing these, setting the keys to mark/clear the seams works as expected.

Note that this is a problem with assigning keys that its not letting the user know of conflicts, added a TODO.


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