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LIB Error not popping up after re-opening via Open Recent
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When loading a file with library errors, via the file browser (File > Open...), we get a popup warning along a print on the console. When opening a .blend directly by double clicking on the file, or using Ctrl+Shift+O to Open Recent, the popup doesn't appear.

Example .blend made by Lukas,

Just a .blend with a linked library that is missing.

To reproduce the error:
- Open the file via File > Open...
- Try opening the file in any other way, double clicking on it, File > Open Recent.

Trunk SVN, Fedora 18


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Fixed the open recent case now.

Double click needs some deeper changes to the event system to solve properly. It seems to get triggered on mouse press instead of mouse release, which doesn't interact well with the other UI code, it should be mouse release I think.

Thanks for the fix Brecht!

Don't want to go much offtopic, but do you think this should have a report on the info bar as well then? As a user, the moment you get a Library error, you don't want to do anything else in that file, especially saving. It should be notified in some way, I would even go as far as adding a dismiss button next to it to make sure you read it and know that there are missing assets.

No, I'm not actively looking into it. The double click system is quite messy, I don't understand it well. Maybe it's a simple fix but I couldn't find one yet.

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@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), yeah all this clicks/boule-clicks/pass_through behavior is kinda messy. We've looked into this area with Ton once before and run into huge can of worms.. Added to TODO list for now:

Gracios for the report venom anyway!