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Massive slowdown while changing addons in user preferences (but slow window in general)
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---
Win7 x64, GTX 580 1.5gb in SLI, Samsung SSD 250GB

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---
Blender 2.68RC1 64bit slowdown, Worked fine in Official 2.67b release...

--- Short description of error ---
user preferences extreme slowdown scrolling and window slowdown in general (specially while scrolling through addons)

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---

In a new fresh default blender startup open user preferences and try to change addons and you'll see what I mean. and also try to move the window and isn't smooth at all.



Event Timeline

Could you first activate the system console and see if there is any output while the addons view is redrawing?

Done it, the console doesn't show more than the default stuff, at first I thought it was because of the duplicated Addons, but I deleted them all (Now at least blender doesn't show that there are several add ons in conflict) but still very slow.

Oh, I noticed something, when I close the user preferences, in the system console shows: "Event has invalid window", every time I close user preferences shows that message-

Testing on Windows 7 64 bit, NVidia 650M. I can confirm the problem when moving the window, seems to be related to the live resize changes on Windows (revision 57026). I'm not sure what exactly is causing the slowness, but there seems to be a modal loop that calls an immediate redraw after every window move/resize event. My guess: if the redraw is slower than the events, it will start accumulating more and more move/resize events and do a redraw for every event in the queue, instead of just the last one.

Scrolling is not very smooth but not bad, and not worse than 2.67 as far as I can tell. Are you sure there's a performance regressions compared to 2.67 here, or is it just window resize/move now that you removed the duplicate addons?

In my case, is a regression compared from 2.67 definitely, is the same with/without duplicates addons, same slowness-

Related report here, seems this is addons panel is doing file access on every redraw.

That might explain why I don't see this issue because it depends on hard drive speed, and I have an SSD drive which is pretty quick.

Addon-ui reading the disk has been resolved r59588.

can you confirm if this problem still exists?

Well I have a Samsung SSD, wich is not the fastest SSD out there but it is faster than a regular HDD, in my case scrolling through addons indeed is a lot better just like 2.67b but unfortunately moving the properties window is still a bit laggy (Again in my case, tested with this release: blender-2.68-r59609M-win64) I guess you can close this issue...Thanks for the support.

Reading up, there is still an issue with window-resizing. leaving open.

I will take a look on resizing and invalid window.

Hello alexk,

I decided for curiosity to check this ticket, and the reported issue, against the current Blender 2.71.0 official as well as 2.71.3 (Hash: a90e49e) Windows 64bit releases. Scrolling the addons list seems to work fine even if I have a regular (no SSD) hard drive. I did the same scrolling test on the 2.68a (r58537) and (2.69.0 (r60995) Win 64bit official releases and it works fine either (perhaps slightly slower in 2.68a with respect to next releases but absolutely not lagged).

Perhaps this ticket might be closed.

I am also not able to detect this problem as described any more. I need feedback and confirmation it still exists to keep this ticket open.

Hello, I can confirm that this problem is not present anymore...:)