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MatchBone Action matching feature for NLA
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This patch allows the user to specify a Bone in the floating panel for the NLA window, much the same as the Stride Bone, that will be used to match motion between the two actions.

Interface is simple: text field for entering the bone name, and a toggle switch to turn off MatchMoving for that particular strip.

Best practice is to MatchMove based on a whatever bone is bearing the armature's "weight" at the time of the switch, usually one of the feet (or heel actuators, or something similar). Also, the use of BlendIn on the Matching action strip will bring the entire armature into alignment over the course of the specified BlendIn.


1. Does not play well with the "Add" option for Action strips. As MatchMoving is meant for chaining disparate actions together, though, this is not a big deal.

2. Although it will happily Match armature positions within and at the end of a path-based walkcycle, just like with any other Action strip, the armature will continue to move along the length of it's parented path.

Demo files available:

Using MatchBone to string together a path-based stridebone-using walk cycle, and two instances of an armature-offsetting handspring Action:

The same without the benefit of the Matchbone feature. Note both feet sliding into the new position (bad!) after the walk cycle, and of course, the repeating positioning of the handspring:

Finally, the .blend file used to produce the videos:

diff made with "cvs diff -u" on fresh checkout on 12/14/05.

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