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New 4-column layout for the editor-type selection menu
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The current editor-type selection menu is a confusingly long list of 17 items, 47% of which end in "Editor" (8 of them). After seeing a bunch of suggestions to improve this, I decided to experiment. That experiment led to this patch, which I this is a simple yet super-effective reorg of the menu into a 4 column layout. This is based on the same menu-style as the multi-column Modifiers menu, which works well.

The key points of this re-layout are...

1) it puts the primary "power editors" all together in a small list of four, easily accessible (3d view, properties, uv/image, node-space) and closest to the menu open location. (and it keeps this property even though this menu always opens in the same orientation)

2) the animation editors are both easier to find (in their own column) and closer to the menu-button, since they are now a small x/y translation, instead of a large y translation.

3) it removes most occurrences of "Editor" in the space titles, making the items easier to read, scan, and distinguish from each other.

4) It makes (info, preferences) both easier to find and de-prioritized .. in the lower right corner -- offset from the four column sections.

5) The menu now always opens in the same orientation.. with items in the same places, whether opened from the top or bottom. While 3d-view is further from the menu-button, overall targets are closer (see #1, #2).


A few notes to anticipate questions:

1) The "NLA Editor" now exists in an "Animation" section, so it was retitled "Non-Linear Editor". I feel "Non-Linear (Animation) Editor" is more clear and more scannable than using the acronym. It would be only a small loss if this was kept "NLA Editor".

2) Similarly, "Node Editor" and "UV/Image Editor" now exist in a "Primary Editors" section, and are retitled "Node Space" and "UV / Image"

3) Timeline was placed at the bottom of the Animation section, while in the old list it was before Graph-Editor. The top-and-bottom of these columns are easier to find and read than the middle, so the top and bottom contain the most commonly used items, while the less commonly used items are in the middle.

4) Probably the "weakest" grouping in this menu is the "Assembly" column... This includes tools used for assembly of 3d content into other things, and or assembly of components for Blender. Today that's the VSE, and game logic. It felt reasonable to put the python console next to the game logic. It could just as easily be pushed down into the "bottom right" section with (info, preferences)



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This patch is ** OBSOLETE ** .. please see my new patch..

Thomas Dinges (dingto) closed this task as Resolved.Jul 7 2013, 3:46 PM