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"Simplify Multiple F-Curves" is a Blender addon to simplify and align the keyframes of multiple F-Curves at once.
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.66
Category: Animation
Python: 3.1
Script name: Simplify Multiple F-Curves
Author(s): Fabrizio Nunnari
Status: Open


Simplify Multiple F-Curves is a Blender addon that performs keyframe decimation over a selection of F-Curves over the time-window of your choice: it reduces the number of keyframes and ensures that their remaining control points are temporally aligned. Having the control points aligned on a few time values simplifies the later manual edit of simplified animation.

This addon lets you:
•Set the number of desired keyframes after simplification
•Set the acceptable error between the original curves and the simplified curves
•Computed keyframes are ALL temporally aligned across the curves
•Curve selection
•Time-window selection

Standard addon selection and installation:
Menu File / User Preferences, go into the “Addons” tab, select “Install from file...” and select the file on your hard drive.

The complete manual (candidate for the wiki) the be found at the following address:
A pdf version is attached.

To create a test scene you can simply move an object with the mouse while auto-recording keyframes.