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Fix Halo and Billboard Normal and Behavior
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Looks like Halo and Billboard always worked wrong cause it aim to track the -X axis instead the +X. So we get always a inverted normal.
This patch fix this strange behavior changing the "track to camera" axis to +X and automatically fix the normal problem.

OBS: So to update old projects you will need put the visible face of the billboard plane to +X instead -X (what looks more natural to me)
OBS2: If Backface Culling is off you don't need any change in the file.

Test File:

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Event Timeline

Nice fix, applied r58693.
note, you can switch the order of the cross product rather then negating.

This patch fixes the normal direction but makes backface-culled faces flip the wrong way (faces flip away from the camera).

Since this makes halos become invisible for existing files, reverting this patch. - see bug [#36959]

Shaded halos are less common, a fix here would still be nice but flipping face directions is not an option.

reverted r58693 and reopening.