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Add a rectangular floorboard mesh consisting of individual planks with gaps & bevels etc.
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.66
Category: Add Mesh
Python: 3.2
Script name: Floor board generator
Wiki page:
Dependencies: none
Author(s): Michel Anders (varkenvarken)
Status: Open

Once enabled the script add an entry to the Add menu Add->Mesh->Create floor board mesh

It adds a mesh object consisting of individual rectangular faces representing planks. It also adds a solidify and bevel modifier.

It has several properties to control the size of the floorboard, the dimensions and variation therein of the individual planks as well well as the size of the gaps between the planks and the beveling.

The script is a single file (, attached) which can be installed from the user preferences -> addons -> Install from file in the usual manner or copied into a text buffer and run by clicking run script.

Event Timeline

Added uv-map with option to add random uv offset to each individual plank to break the illustion that the whole floor is cut from a single endless piece of wood.

replaced hard limits by soft ones to allow artist override

Added vertex colors. Each plank has now a random vertex color which can be used to create per plank material variations.

based on user interaction and contribution made the modifiers and uv-offsets optional (but on by default) and merged Alain's code to randomly offset each individual row of planks (instead of reusing the leftover piece in the next row).

version 0.0.7 add options to randomly rotate individual planks and groups options for better readability

version 0.0.8 adds options for adding random curvature and twist to individual planks, corrects UI bugs and is fully parameterized, i.e. stores options along with the object so even after saving the .blend the object can be tweakes again at any time

version 0.0.9 restores pep-8 compliancy and has some minor code cleanup

version 0.0.10 reorders the ui layout in a more descriptive way and makes the offset input field appear only when randomoffset is not checked. Also some additional minor code cleanup.

version 0.0.11 tweaks ui layout so that offset input field is greyed out if randomset is true to prevent rearangment. Also the subsurface modifier is now correctly added in all situations when hollowness and/or twist is present.

version 0.0.12 prevents negative lenght planks and sets a soft_max limit for the number of planks to prevent accidentally slowing your computer to a crawl

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