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Blenderplayer can't go to full screen mode after starting in Linux
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Category: UI/Interface

Blenderplayer can be configured to start in fullscreen mode, e.g. by running with the -f option. When running fullscreen, the video mode can be changed by calling bge.render.setWindowSize. However in Linux fullscreen mode can not be switched on or off after the game has already started.

Attached is a file that demonstrates the problem (fullscreen_switch.blend). There are two controls:
- Space: toggles fullscreen mode.
- Return: toggles window size between 800x600 and 640x480.

Start the game with `blenderplayer -w fullscreen_switch.blend`. Press Return and notice the window change size. Press Space; notice that the window fills the screen, but at the desktop's native resolution. Press Return again; the screen may flicker, but it will not change resolution.

Start the game with `blenderplayer -f fullscreen_switch.blend`. It should go full-screen. Press Return and notice the resolution change. Press Space; it may look like nothing happens. Press Return again; the window may change size but the screen resolution may not.

Tested with:
Blender 2.68a r58706
OS: Ubuntu 12.10
Video: AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5430

Note that this test can not be performed with the official build of blenderplayer, because it lacks support for the xvidmode extension; see

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