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texture flickering on objects with shape keys when armature in BGE mode
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Category: Animation

the following issue still exists in (2.68a/windows8) :

. create a mesh object with shape keys, attach a diffuse texture*
. create an armature, set 'deform' to BGE
. rig the object to the armature, create bone weight groups
. setup an armature action, add bricks to play it
-> texture flickering

. set 'deform' to blender
-> OK

or :

. delete every shape key
-> OK

* I have several texture attached to the object (diffuse, intensity, alpha, normal) so if you can't reproduce please let me know I will whare a test file.

using a GL shader, provided you don't use texture in it, it's ok too. else it's the same issue.
if the armature is idle, the texture glitches does not move, it's like the order of verts, faces or uv is changed at every tics, when the mesh is deformed by the rig.

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Confirmed 2.68 r59313 and older 2.67 too BGE-deform mode does not work when we are shapekey and armature driven object. It Looks like face normals calculated wrong. (It generated dark faces to light side and vice versa, very randomly). Issues happen standalone game too.

So I use now blender deform mode, I don't know what they difference with performance are. But bge-optimized is dead for now.

Windows 7 64 bit, Nvidia GTX560Ti

Please attach a blend file demonstrating the problem. Blend files help developers verify and fix the problem more quickly.

Here we go.. Start game and see black or flickering tube, depending of view angle. Changing armature mode bge to blender or deleting shapekeys from tube fixes the problem. Sometimes I see somekind rolling effect in face normals (they spin wild for z axis of the tube) Alter view angle and try again to see effect.

Tested 2.67-2.68 Windows 64 bit Nvidia GTX560Ti

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This task is being closed because the BGE has been removed in Blender 2.8.