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3d mouse support - Spaceball/pilot/traveler
Closed, ArchivedPublicPATCH


This patch enables support for 3d mouse type devices from 3dconnexion.

This mod allows users with spaceball devices to navigate through their scenes with six simultaneous degrees of freedom.

Supported devices are Spaceball, SpacePilot, and SpaceTraveler.

It adds a few basic events and types, and implements support for Spaceball in the GHOST library.

It does all the proper event management and translation in the blender project itself.

The patch enables any spaceball events to start the viewmove routine. viewmove itself is modified to allow two handed navigation - spaceball in one hand, mouse in the other.

The interface was designed to make it easy to port to other platforms such as Linux.

To use this implemenation, you must specify the #define WITH_SPACEBALL for the ghost library.
Only this cpp file is affected by the macro, the header file and everything else are independent
of the spaceball libraries.

The 3dXWare SDK is available from the tab on the left side of -

The SDK is necessary to build this file with WITH_SPACEBALL defined.