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Holding key 'A' over an UI panel makes it flicker
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I like this feature very much.
It's very handy to close a long list of open panels for example in particle settings.
However, it would be nice that holding 'A' would only collapse the panels and keep them closed.

--- Blender version with error ---
2.68a official,
2.68.5 - r60496

--- Short description of error ---
Keeping the key 'A' (select all/deselect all) pressed down over an UI panel makes it collapse and open very fast.
For example the 'Dimensions' panel in 'Render' tab. Or any other panel for that matter.
While holding, you can also move the mouse cursor down and collapse all the panels. But in a very unpredictable way.

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---
Start Blender -> Hover mouse cursor over any panel -> Hold the key 'A'



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That's an interesting suggestion, but it does not quality as a bug, something that was intended to work but is broken. Pressing A over a panel is currently intended to toggle the collapsed state of the panel, it's not related to select/deselect all.

For UI suggestions you can use this mailing list instead:

The emphasis of the report was on holding the A.
Flickering seems like a broken feature to me, apologies if it's not.

Holding A on an open panel should collapse it and keep it collapsed, dragging while holding should collapse other panels as well.
Holding A on a closed panel should open it and keep it opened, dragging should open the other panels as well.

If you hold a button down it starts repeating the action, it's like quickly clicking multiple times, which gives 'flickering'. You can find that behavior in many places and many applications, that's not a bug.

What the more useful behavior should be is your interpretation, I agree it would be an improvement, but that doesn't make it a bug.