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shader.setSampler: limited to 4 samplers
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there seems to be a limit of 4 samplers (shader.setSampler(name, 0 ... 3) works, but shader.setSampler(4) results in a "black" GLSL sampler, without any error message).

Experienced in Blender 2.68, on Win7.

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Please attach an example blend file demonstrating the problem.

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No answer in one week…

Here's a file that demonstrates this phenomenon:

It's just one image texture used as sampler2D in a custom GLSL shader, currently on index 3.
Pressing P to start the game engine should produce the following output:
Now if you move the texture down one channel and of course also change the code to use this index (shader.setSampler('name', 4)) the output is just black:
No errors are displayed in the system console.

Tested on Blender 2.75 and 2.73 official release version

I hope this is helpful,


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