Weight paint mode, bone selecting is very slow (Linux 64bit)
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OS: Linux 64bit (Ubuntu 12.04)
Graphics Card: on board

Blender error version: v2.68a (Linux 64bit) v2.67b(Linux 64bit)
Blender worked version: v2.68a (Linux 32bit) v2.68a (Win 64bit)

In weight paint mode, bone selecting with right click is very slow sometimes (about 10 seconds).
This problem happens Linux 64bit ver only.
It may be occured when 3d view changes view angle. (using mouse center button)

(Sorry for my poor English. English isn't my native language.)



My main OS is Windows7 (64 bit).
Linux (64 bit) is runnning in VM ware player.
This Linux installed ia32-libs. (it can be installed by apt-get)
This library make the 64bit system run 32 bit application.
32 bit Blender runs without the problem on the enviroment.

We can’t accept "slow" bug reports about issues with running Blender on a virtual machine of any kind! Especially regarding that kind of selection, which uses the OpenGL backend, notoriously slow in virtual machines…