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Transform tools redo panels show options that don’t make sense.
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Issue Description:
Many tools present redo options that don’t appear to make any sense, and the transform tool has a particularly long list of properties.
This makes the redo panel confusing and cluttered, and it wastes loads of space.

Proposed Solution:
Only present settings in the redo-panel that actually make sense to tweak

List of tools with this issue:

Rotate tool
This is a good example. It's impossible to tweak the rotation on more than one axis(which is what you'd want to do), but instead you are presented with a bunch of rather useless options to constrain rotations and 'Confirm on release' which does nothing. We could remove Constraint Axis if we had per axis rotation tweaking, because you could simply tweak only one axis to constrain on that axis.

Remove 'Constraint Axis', 'Edit Texture Space' & 'Confirm on Release'
Disable Proportional Editing settings unless Prop. Editing is turned on.
(Likewise for Scale Tool)

Both X,Y and Z Vector settings all do the same thing (moves along normal). This makes no sense :)

Examples of tools with sane tool settings

These tools have human useable and understandable tool settings. Use them as good examples:
Spin, Screw, Smooth Vertex, Noise, Fill Holes etc...

Event Timeline

I think this one may get a bit too vague/broad. The transform operator has grown particularly complicated and its options could be redesigned, but it's no easy task. The options reflect how the tool itself works, and so it's not just a matter of changing how things are displayed.

We already have T37439: 'Redo' panel: Some redo settings don't make sense to edit for removing options.

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I've made this specifically about the transform tools now. We can try to redesign that as an example and later make design tasks for other tools.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Nov 15 2013, 3:33 AM

Here's a mockup of the Translate operator with all the meaningless settings removed. We're left with a sensible, meaningful tool setting panel that users can understand. Plus, it takes up way less space.

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No resolution or activity in over 3 months,
archiving, listed in the wiki.
Can re-open when we have time to handle this one.