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3D View Toolbar: Reorganize Object Mode Tools and Options
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The 3D View toolbar needs reorganized for Object Mode. This organization should be based on the new vertical toolbar tabs.


Differential Revisions
D129: Object Mode Toolbar Tabs

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This is how i see the object tools.
The second set is reordered into balanced categories.

Im not sure how to reorganize them, but thats how i would divide the object tools.

Thanks for the suggestion @koil (koilz). Although it won't be practical to have different layouts for new/advanced users likely. This may not be the case, if we get more of Ack-err's GSOC work in, but so far as the initial organization goes it'll be one layout by default for everyone.

Im sure i keep posting on the wrong topic, or forgetting to read one.

@koil (koilz), nope this is right place for comments regarding Object Mode toolbar organization. This task is mostly waiting on T37601 though.

Heres some tools for animation.
For the Mesh and Pose objects.


I think having the menu to switch actions can be useful.
Also keying sets are easier to access here.
And Auto Keyframe is pritty useful.
And some play buttons for fun.

The other tools already exist.

From billreys post, I think Bake Action will also be usefull.

If we have a lot of space now, would moving the whole Object and Mesh menus to the toolbar be possible?

If it would, this would solve the duplication problem, where we have commands from the Object and Mesh menu in the toolbar, but only some, and chosen based on a vague criteria.

This would also allow some ordering of the commands, making things like Make Dupli-Face less visually important, while making things like Duplicate more visually important.

@Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski)

I think if items are going to be removed from the menu, the object tools would have to be redesigned first.
Then the menu could be updated based on the present tools.

I dont know if devs are willing todo this, but i think its a good proposal.

@koil (koilz)

I think if items are going to be removed from the menu

I was thinking of moving the whole Object/Mesh menu to the toolbar

the object tools would have to be redesigned first

Elaborate please.

@Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski)

I thought you would only want to move some of the tools, then remove tools from the menu, so there are no duplicates.
In that case the 3D view tools would have to be redesigned first, before removing items from the menu.

If your proposal is to move all the tools from the menu, to the 3D view, and not remove items from the menu.
The menu doesnt have to be redesigned, so, it doesnt depend on the 3D view tools being redesigned first.

The tab categories are still undecided, so if you did want to move all the tools, this could be a good way to design the tab categories.

Anyone that wishes to test the toolbar tabs for Object Mode may get the current patch here:

@Jonathan Williamson (carter2422), looking good. The add mesh panel looks a little too long though (specially when addons start adding their own panels there). What about grouping buttons in dropdowns instead? For instance, primitives and special would be two dropdowns, same with Bezier and Nurbs.

Here's a screen for those that can't/don't want to build:

@Diego Gangl (januz), in general I'm not a fan of dropdowns within the toolbar. I find it rather defeats the purpose of the toolbar, that being having tools quickly at hand for easy clicking, rather than being behind menus. A dropdown is little different than a normal menu.

That being said, I totally agree that it's too long. I've also considered doing two columns, but I know @William Reynish (billrey) has been urging against that in order to maintain easy eye scanning.

I will do some more experimenting with it, though.

Here's a comparison for the Mesh primitives, showing a single column and double column:

The double column looks good and saves a lot of vertical space, but it requires a much wider minimum width to maintain complete readability. As you can see here:

Ok, I just checked the latest patch from here:

  1. I am against exposing 6 panels just for primitive creation in the Toolbar, we have the SHIFT+A menu and the menu in the 3D View header. I don't think we should have the same functionality in 3 places. We can add one panel for the most used primitives, but not 6 dedicated panels.
  1. Rigid Body Tools panel is collapsed, even though it comes in its own tab. Expand per default?
  1. Grease Pencil buttons have weird alignment.(Draw/Line and Poly/Erase lines)

Thanks @Thomas Dinges (dingto)! Here is an updated patch.

Note: Rigid Body panel is not set to closed. Could it be local settings that are causing that to be shown closed?

Looks good to me then.

If you plan on having a create or add tab, there is no reason not to have basic primitives in there, even if it seems redundant to the experienced user.
Maya has this as well, and it works fine. Primitives can be added via hotbox, icons in the polygon tab, and from the create menu on top. The perk of having buttons/icons or really less keyboard intensive means to add even basic polys is that the user can have a combination of full screen mode (hide other UI elements) and or the use of a wacom tablet without needing to move down to the keyboard.