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"Add plane" now actually adds a 2*2 grid!
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Windows 7 x64, MSVC 2008 Pro, Cuda Toolkit 5.5 (Driver 331.65), Scons...
Q6600, Evga 560 Vid, + 8 gig ram

Blender 2.69.2
2013-11-25 02:26
Hash - e626998

When I was importing an image as plane, it imported as 4 tiles instead of one image.

Load blender with import image as plane enabled,
import/image as plane/ select any image(I tried with 3 different pics), using the default settings
switch to textured view and you will see it is an image with 4 tiles, instead of just 1 image.


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Not the addon's fault, just try "Add Plane" and you get a 2×2 grid… ;)

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