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Inclusve selection mode conversion
Closed, ArchivedPublicPATCH


This patch extends the ability of blenders selection mode conversions. For example, currently when you change selection modes from a 'lower oder' mode to a 'higher order' one (vertex->edge, vertex->face or edge->face) blender only selects elements in the new mode whose elements were completley selected in the previous mode. In some programs, such as 'Wings' and 'Mirai', it has been demonstrated that it can also be very usefull to exploit selection mode switching to 'implicitly' select previously unselected elements as well. For instance switching selection mode from vertex to edges will select all edges currently associated with the currently selected vertices. The same behavior is applied to switching between vertex->face and edge->face. By exploiting this sort of selection conversion complex selection sets can be built quicker.

This patch does not change blenders default behavior but offers implicit selection mode conversion as an alternative. To access it, hold either the left or right 'control' keys and click on a selection mode in the view 3d selection mode header buttons. This can be accessed via the 'ctrl-tab' selection mode switching as well, simply hold control while clicking the mode you want or entering its number on the keypad.