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texture compression missing
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System Information
Operating system and graphics card
OS: Windows7 64bit
GPU: NVIDIA quadro K4000 (driver: 331.65)

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.69 r61235
Worked: dont know

Short description of error
when saving a image directly from a generated texture then the compression is missing and cant be opened in Photoshop

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on a (as simple as possible) attached .blend file with minimum amount of steps

  1. go into uv/image editor
  2. create a new image
  3. use "Image>Save as Image" and save it as a .tif
  4. change the source from "single Image" to "Generated"
  5. use "Image>Save Image" (so this overwrites the image again)
  6. check the detail properties of the image on the drive and notice that the compression is missing (see screenshots )

sorry cant add pictures, doesnt seem to work...

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The second time it's saved as a PNG image with a TIFF extension, which I guess confuses Photoshop.

Not sure why you can't add pictures, it should just be a matter of drag and drop into the text field. We can't solve that without information on what exactly goes wrong or what the error is, but you can always upload to or a similar website.

yeah it seems that whenever the direct save is used the image gets saved with the default settings (png, rgba 8bit)

i just built the latest version (Hash: 6f4515b) and the issue is not resolved. direct save still saves as default png with the old extension in this case .tif.

With the latest version, when I change to Generated direct save is disabled. Are you testing this with the exact same steps as in the bug report?

well i just saved directly again whithout switching to generate first, but i guess that shouldnt change the format either.

I can't redo the problem when leaving out step 4, the saved image is a TIFF file here.

well photoshop gives the same error message as before so i assume its still a png in disguise. and if i change the file name to png it loads without problems.

Can you please upload .tiff file which photoshop doesn't like?

oh and when i want to "save image" with step 4 it seems you just built in a error message so it doesnt work and one is forced to use the "save image as" option instead...

Yes, you're forced to "Save As" now. Trying to use "Save Image" will do nothing. So it's just likely an old image is hanging around on your HDD?

no its not, thats a new one which i just created in blender, then saved as tiff and then directly used save image again which resulted in this disguised png

Please give as much detailed steps as possible to reproduce the issue from startup file.

  1. go into uv editor
  2. create a new image
  3. save image as tiff
  4. then save image again with "save image"

and thats all im doing

Saving RGB 16bit seems to be crucial to reproduce the issue. At least seems managed to reproduce the issue now with this settings.

@dan grauer (kromar), should be now fixed in rBb0c4133c67ce5fca7c3aa5abbd5a745c3d812525. Please give ti a try and lemme know how it goes.

im sorry but i still get the same problem with Hash: 6f4515b

You will for sure have issues with those hash -- it's much older than mine today's commit. You would need to wait tonight's buildbot builds if you don't build blender yourself.

hm strange, seems im not fully understanding how to update git yet, will let you know once i figured it out and can test the latest version

ok i confirm that it is working now, for some reason my build was not updated:/ thanks for fixing this problem

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