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Mesh isn't being displayed in Object mode (wireframe display mode)
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System Information
Windows 7 Pro 64bit / Nvidia GF 670 GTX

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.69 r60995
Worked: Blender 2.XX rXXXXXX

Short description of error
Subdivided mesh (using Sub-D modifier, then applied) isn't being displayed in Object mode when 3D view is set to wireframe

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Watch video:

Create default scene, subdivide Cube twice using Sub-Surface modifier, apply modifier. Set shading to smooth. Subdivide mesh 4 times using SubSurf modifier. Apply modifier. Press Z to switch to wireframe mode (while in Object mode). Bam!

Blend with 2 meshes, one was only subdivided with SubSurf once before applying modifier. Second one had SubSurf used twice (that one isn't showing up).



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On the uploaded .blend file , I have opened it and to reproduce the bug , the steps are : -open the .blend (troll :P) - move the subsurfed sphere then press Tab then press Z (wireframe) , after that press Tab again to go to edit mode and Tab again , the subsurfed sphere will disapear.

Happens in the build d74d6c7 (64 bit , from buildbot) , tested now.

Rig : Radeon 5650 1GB Core I7 Windows 8.1

I is clearly a bug , a developer must check if it i related to OPENGL or UV.

Made me laugh! :)))

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This issue is almost as old as Blender, there is a feature where it will hide flat or nearly flat edges, and if you make the mesh very high resolution all edges will be nearly flat. This can be disabled with the "Draw All Edges" option (now in the Object properties Display panel).

It should be fixed once but it's not really considered a bug, just a poor feature.


We shouldn't really turn on "Draw All Edges" to see high res mesh. Remember Andrew's videos about consistency? ;)

One small detail. It only happens after I enter Edit mode and go back to Object mode. In other words, if I create a mesh, and use SubSurf on it to bring polycount to insane amount, it will show fine in Wireframe mode. The bug will happen only if I enter Edit Mode and get back to Object mode. If I never get into Edit mode on hipoly object, there will be no bug.