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UV Utility Addon
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Hello guys!

I did UV Utility Addon.

  • Move UVMap Indexes. This is very important for game engines (Unity, Unreal, Ogre3d...). As they use UVTexCoord1, UVTexCoord2.. No names at all.
  • Select UVMaps by Index or by Name and set them active/render_active.
  • Remove active UVMaps.

All Features are for selected objects only.

Here is a small demonstration:

The script:




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Having a toolbar for quick UV access could be handy, though being able to move uv layers up/down seems like it should be added into Blender rather then having as an addon. (seems more like a workaround).

Id like to look into this.

The other addon functionality seems OK, but also like we could improve existing UI a bit to remove the need for it.

I guess you say about this toolbar for blender?

But the feature of the addon is that you can select 1000 objects and move/setActive UVMap index for all of them just with one click.

mifth, ah, I see, yep - re-ordering many UV's at once cant be done even if those buttons are added.

It seems like this addon has been removed from Blender. Also I can't get it to work even after downloading and installing it from github.

I see uvutility in repository.

Possibly, you misunderstood something about the repository?

What kind of error do you have. Give me the log of the error.