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Add 'Transform' Python Function (Quick Hacks)
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Hi, I jumped into blender and chosed a quick hack from the list.

Hope the code is good (and useful) enough to make into trunk, thank you!




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Thanks for the patch, can you submit it here? Makes it easier to review:

Can you move rna_armature_apply_transform into an ED_ function and let it share code with ED_armature_apply_transform?

DAG_id_tag_update does not need the OB_RECALC_DATA flag in this case, it's only for Objects, instead use 0.

This patch breaks compilation of blenderplayer, you need to add a few stubs in source/blenderplayer/bad_level_call_stubs/stubs.c (same as e.g. ED_mesh_transform has).

Hi, I used the differential now, new patch is [[ here | name ]].

I apologize for not using it before, hope it now follows your reccomandation.