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Unify viewport info and menu
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In the top left of every 3D View there is a text indicator communicates the current angle. However, this indicator is disconnected from the controls that actually change the angle itself, leading to unneeded duplication and a scattered experience.

Most menus, such as Viewport Shading, displays the current selection in the menu button itself. Pulldown menus, such as the View menu, don't do this.

Proposed solution
Combine the angle indicator with angle selection.


  • More efficient use of angle info
  • Clearer, more essential popover
  • View menu can become more concise

Event Timeline

There's an option to hide those names from the viewport in the user preferences. That option could be removed, or it could detect and add the items to the View menu in that case, or always have it in both places?

We don't really use the name "angle" for this kind of thing now, I think it should something like "Views" or "View Angle", the name "Angle" by itself is a bit loaded.

From a technical perspective, we don't really have a UI element like this at the moment, buttons floating over the 3D view with styling like this, so it's not totally trivial to implement.

I used to hide those labels. ;) Current view menu is clear enough imho. Now menus are grouped in header which is intuitive and predictable, we don't have to search options in other places. However, as second option this can be nice.

There have been a lot of requests for a feature like this before, particularly relating to Pan, Rotate and Zoom handles in the viewport. Personally I think these things are great and make the learning curve for navigation much simpler. Even if you can't find, or don't know the exact keys, you can always navigate from the viewport. They're also very unintrusive, being so small and in a corner.

So long as the ability to hide these from the view is there (like it is now for the angle) then I think this would be a great improvement (note I'm suggesting @William Reynish (billrey)'s idea + view navigation tools).

The current view menu is simply too long, and "unwieldy" to be useful frequently. It's good to have, as there's many other options in it that need to be available, but they're not so often used.

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